Alda Aldanna: location and language


The program takes place in wonderful settings, partly around Lugu Hu, a mountain lake at medium height at the borders between the Han (Chinese) and the Tibetan world, between the provinces of Yunnan and Sichuan (however, it has good hostelling facilities); partly in Naxi villages surrounding the old town of Lijiang, and in this old town itself, only some hours by bus from Lugu Hu. The aim with dividing the program into two locations is profiting both the beauty and moderate isolation of mountain landscapes and the proximity of or presence in a scenic but rich and developed little old town as Lijiang (since the program will take some months and practical needs will no doubt arise for which a town is necessary).

Periods will be spent around Lugu Hu, others in and near Lijiang. There is some flexibility as for the distribution of time between both locations. However, the core of the seminars will be placed around Lugu Hu as far as possible due to a more isolated and quiet ambience there.


The program may be taught in 5 different languages: English, German, Spanish, French and Norwegian. However, it is assumed if nothing else (as described below) intervenes, that it will be taught in English. In the private meetings with students and in separate seminars, if the number of a group with a different linguistic background is big enough as to organize a separate seminar with them, any other of the four mentioned languages may be used.

If, however, a majority of the participants comes from any other of the 4 remaining language backgrounds and some of them are not fluent in English, while all of them apply for that, the program may be led either in two languages by separating the group into two, one group using English, the other group working in the other language; or the whole program may go on only in the other language with English passing to a second level for dealing in smaller, special seminars and in private meetings with the English students. In any case, a division in two of the group according to different languages is, if possible, not desired. Prospective participants will be informed about this unlikely but possible circumstance well in beforehand, should it apply at any given term.