Trip-Guide of Munchen

_49124293_5c58fab137_m.jpgThis is a short guide of Munchen, heart of Bayern region and really a funny place to visit. The guide is conceived in order to prepare the travel and to complete the first steps to Monaco in all tranquillity. The rest you can be amused to discover it alone.
BEFORE LEAVING just little advises, dont’ want to break your surprises. Remember always the model E 111 for health care and the European fdriving license, that could be useful. The currency is naturally l’Euro. If gone for l’Oktoberfest dont’ try to get all the fun (beer) the first day otherwise you will lost everything later. Just try to be easy and mix beer at some visits.
ARRIVING in Munchen Getting in Munchen is easy. From whereever you come You can easily reach the city center. Let’s see
Car: it’s useful because riding in the city it’s not difficult and German autoroute are free also for getting a little outside of city center. Parking is not a problem. In winter is obligatory to carry the chains. The landscape is wonderful.
Train:good from all main European cities, links are frequent and is good to travel by night in order to save a day of visit. The main station is really closed to the cintry center, in a area with a lot of hostels and so on. You know…german railways (marked as DB) are always in time!!.
Airplane:now its’ coming cheaper than train, with a lot of low-cost companies flying to Munchen. Get a look on Air-Berlin, Vueling or Tuifly that turns really good offers (g/r around 50 euros from european cpaitals). The airport is some km outside from the center but it is caught up easy with two lines of metro S1 and S8 in 45 minutes approximately.

Once it arrives to you to Monaco if you are not absolutely prepared you can go to the tourist office at the train station (Hostbahnof) for having useful maps, addresses and information. They have tourist maps and other stuff that will be useful for being “trip-independent”.

SLEEPING in MONACO Also the lodgings of lower category have bonds standard of “teutonic” quality. The apartments are in continuous modernization so for the updated list get a look at the tourist offices. The better combination is to go directly at the station where there is the office, to take the list and to try to get one of the many small hotels, hostels and apartments close that the zone is full. The main train station is not far from the center and is easily reachble with public transports; with some good luck you can also park your car for free in some lateral streets.
Here is the Hostels:
Euro Youth Hostel, Senefelderstr. 5, 80336 Mà¼nchen, Tel:0049 89 599088 1 Right in the center, easily to get there. Several availabilities of prices from shared rooms to 3-4 places rooms.
Easy Palace City Hostel, Mozartstrasse 4, Tel +49 89 558 79755 Like arriving to us: metropolitan U3, U6 “Goetheplatz, 19 prices beginning from Euro

Hotels: you can find any sort of hotels you want, the sky is the limit!!
491374.jpgHotel Monaco,Schillerstrasse 9
The best, central and very good check in/out 24h/24h. Rices from 24 Euros.
213313.jpgPension Lugano,Schillerstrasse 32
A step behind the first but always at the top.

TRANSPORTS in MUNCHEN is incredibly easy!! Foot, bicycle, car, metro, bus or taxi you will be able to move as you will want. Moving by foot is great because the city is really calm and nice to walk on also if you will get a littel tired due to lot of long boulevards…. better a bicycle that you can rent at the main train station.
Metro:ideal, once understood the system; is similar to Lodn one, with concentric circles areas. Later you will not have problems to move freely for the city;if want to stay more days take a card for 3 days (18,80 E) that it makes you also to have reductions in price in some museums and visits after making you turn on bus, tram and metro.
Taxi: many and enough economic and expresses in order to make some movement in group but of little distance. The rate leaves from 2,5 E, then they are 1,40 E/km to come down for medium-long distances (from 5/10 km and beyond…), the baggages pay 0,5 E
EATING in MUNCHEN is amusing even if a little boring. The traditional plates are not many but they are enough decidedly. Meat a grilled pork, accompanied from chips and rivers of beer is of obligation. For a Turkish meal express the try kebabs on the streets, indeed particular. For something more in the detail:
Hofbrà¤uhaus n° 9, Am Platzl, from 9 to 24, all lines of metro S, U3, U6 – stop “Marienplatz”. Right in the center city the maximum of the Bavarian tradition. The greatest beerhouse of the world offers not only a fresh and pleasant beer but also all the typical plates accompanied by local music. Ideal also for drink only one (even if you won’t stop to one) beer and one pleasant evening. A supper goes from the 22 to the 28 E .
Chinesischer Turm, Englischer Garten, tram 17 “Tivolistrasse”, bus 54, 154 stopped U3/U6 “Università¤t” every day from 10 to Midnight In a beatiful garden one meat-beer house at open sky in order to get relaxed from the bustle of the daily visits. On the line of Hofbrà¤uhaus but much and more relaxant one. Prices a little lowers. And for something calmer go here:
Andechser am Dom, Weinstrasse 7a, Tel.: 089/29 84 81 It’s an other typical Bavarian premises, but much calmer and familiar one, adapted to more formal suppers. Service and plates are very good and prices not so high (dining all inclusiveclose is about 30 E) close to the dome, advisable to reserve.
FUN in MUNCHEN an obliged stage to the Kuntfabrik, one former industrial area full of small, medium and great fun places from bars to discos in an incredible atmosphere. Kultfabrik – Grafinger Strasse 6, metropolitan S1-S8, U5, stopped “Ostbahnhof” Otherwise for something truly tendency go in the Nachtgalerie, Arnulfstr. 17 S1-S8 “Hackerbrà¼cke” even if the medium age is a little low or better to the Nachtwerk, Club and Dance hall Landsberger Str. 185 Tram 18, 19 “Lautensackstr.” or “Barthstr.”
NOT TO LOSE In the three days to Monaco you cannot get lost the Hofbrà¤uhaus, the OlympiaPark and the concentration camp of Dachau, little outside city… If you have some day more for the visit get a look the Oktoberfest Special.

OTHER Only pay attention to the line and too much eating!! Eye to drive after too much beer. There is a good large cyber café close to the station. And just have fun!!