Oktoberfest Special

oktoberfest_2005.jpgEverything you have to know and not to know for enjoying to the max your stay in Munchen!! This Special is considered like an appendix the Trip-Guida to Munchen and is addressed to who wants to go to the most famous beef festival of the world but also to who, between kg of meat and a beer, between one piss and a lamppost taken on the snout staggering, want to visit one beautiful city. If you have a few days and you want spent them to the best!! Oktoberfest in brief Nothing other that one gigantic fair of beer, public and without entry ticket; one true competition between the houses manufacturers of the city. It is kept little outside from the center, on the area of Theresienwiese lines meter U4 and U5, stopped “Theresienwiese”. For the 2007 the fair will be from sat 22th september to Sunday 7th October; an advisel:the opening saturday there is traditional parade that cross the center, nice to see but that it get circulation a little chaotic. You must prepare yourselves consequently. To follow the manifestation and to enter behind they with the people river are not badly, a gigantic one gruop of thirsty people!! The tents are often overflowing espcially during lunch hour, if you want only drink better to go in alternative hours. Everyone always is decorated in perfect Bavarian style. The beginning of the fair happens to the 12 o’clock of saturday when the Mayor symbolically opens the ceremony. Take a look, in the tents all tables are filled and crowded, the porks fly but not beer until when unexpected typical blond women, all tits do not dip the thirsty people carrying until 15 litre beers at the time.
from the Monday to the Thursday: 10-23,30 Friday: 10-24 Saturday: 9-24 Sunday and Festive: 9-23.30 The beer comes served until the 22,30, (the last day until the 23,30)
Does not get lost a turn on the night wheel in order to see the illuminated park.
For campermans: parking around the zone is strictly forbidden and fines are really high, better to use the parkings affixed to you: De-Gasperi-Bogen and Siegenburger Strass.

The BEER try all the different local productions and will discover that you will not more succeed to stop you. Light, much less gas than others beers, it goes down that it is a pleasure. The minimal capacity is clearly1 liter (called Mass, mass) and the price is of approximately 7 euro. Remember that to carry outside glasses is forbidden, and also turning around the zone with glasses at the hand. There is a lot of control, the atmosphere calm quiet. Open-sky bathrooms often are congested, better to exit, and piss in one lateral way, in a garden.
TO MAKE in MUNCHEN Between a turn and the other drinking you cannot lack goes around you for the city that offers a lot indeed. The center is calm to turn on foot and enjoys Marienplatz (W), the good hall of the city and the carillon (to the 11,12 o’clock and from March and October 17) of the Neue Rathaus, the new town hall. Difficultly the drinkers are get passionate of churches but he deserves one fast visits the Frauenkirche, just in center. If interested take a turn also to the Hard Rock Café, not difficult to find in center.
Deutsches Museum, Museumsinsel 1 80538, Tel (089) 2179 1 tram 18 stopped “Deutsches Museum”; all the lines stopped S “Isartor” + tram 18; lines U1, stopped U2 “Fraunhoferstrasse”. The income ticket costs: 8.50 E full, 7 to person for groups. WOW!! You cannot lost it!! The biggest technich museum of the world, reserved two average days at least (is opened from the 9 to the 17) why indeed there is of all! For the lovers of the topic…
Olympiapark, stop Olympiazentrum of all the public transport; It’s the olympic park constructed in order to accommodate the games of the 1972 spotted by some blood accidents. Now is a quiet zone where it can be taken a walk, to get relaxed, to make sport and where during summer there are a lot of concerts and events. You cannot lack to make a turn on the tower to 190 m (cost 4 Euro) and in the mythical Olympiastadion (2 cost Euro).

OUTSIDE MONACO In particular if you are with your car you cannot lose these two stages of the visit in Baviera. The concentration camp of Dachau and the castle “of the fairtales” of Neuschwanstein.
Dachau is reacheble also by metro (metropolitan stop S2 “Dachau” + bus 724 (parking) or 726 (main door) or by cars 15 km the north-west from the center. At Dachau follow High Rà¶merstrasse 75, to follow indication “KZ Gedenkstà¤tte”. Recovered in 2003 it is an example of the nazi barbarisms, are passed up to 200.000 prisoners with more than 30.000 died. It has be the first nazi concentration camp.
Neuschwanstein, close to the city of Fussen,approximately 50 km from Monaco. Icon of the Bayern and of Walt Disney it is condensed of genius, magic and poetry and much madness. Full of traces of that fomus prince that wanted it, with some strange rooms, a Wagner-inspired opera house and a lot of littel secrets. Neuschwanstein is opened in september from 9 to 18 and October to March from 10 to 16. The ticket is acquired at the feet of castle (9 Euro the entire one) that can be reached by foot in approximately 45 minuteren of delicious way, or in gig (!!)